The Music of Dan Desilets

A few words about me and my current projects

Music is food for the soul. Every time I dream or travel the world - inspiration comes to me naturally.

I'm proud to announce my first debut EP titled HEADING OUT WEST which is the first volume in an upcoming trilogy.

There is no way I can define the genre except to say that it is inspired by many trips I did in the great west....

Imagine it as a soundtrack of the desert, the valleys, the mountains with all this great vibe that can be experimented while being there. 

As a guitarist, you can expect to hear a lot of guitar-oriented instrumental themes, melodies,  atmospheres, sometimes going crazy-intense or otherwise fading to some very smooth relaxed ambiances with some special guests coming in for a few songs behind the mic including myself.

Bottom line: Perfect dreamy and inspiring music for a long, very long road trip. Physical copies available as a Deluxe DigiPak CD version on demand - just email me!

And...Happy Listening!


About me

I'm a passionate father, musician, songwriter, multi-instrumentist born in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada. Currently composing for radio, tv and producing - writing songs going to singles and albums for various artists. I've also been working as a producer, sound mixer and mastering engineer for more than 20 years at www.sublimesoundstudios.com.


« Don’t dream it, be it. »